Why Choosing Us

RONPCB is a rigid-flex PCB manufacturer with the cutting edge in technology and quality. We make every way to achieve high quality, fast quote, and short lead time.

RONPCB is located in Shenzhen which is the biggest PCB center in the world and features developed logistics network. We have plenty of experienced PCB technicians and integrated matching supply chain. These advantages in environment contribute a lot to high quality products and better service.

Why choosing us:
◆    Experienced technicians can promise fast and accurate quote. Normally we promise response of quote within 8 hours. However in most cases we can give you the quote within 2 hours.
◆    We have two dedicated lines to provide non-stop power supply. Thus we can deliver on time.
◆    One-stop service: from PCB design, tech support, sample production, trial production, to volume production.
◆    Capable of manufacturing up to 30 layer PCB
◆    Timely delivery rate reaches 99%.
◆    We are strong in manufacturing rigid flex PCB and other types which require special technology or material, like mixed press and high thickness copper.
◆    Qualified for volume production of all types of PCB with 3.0MILS line/space
◆    We possess UL certification of many materials and high density copper and have passed ISO9001: 2008 certification.
◆    We can ensure that all the printed circuit boards we produce comply with IPC-6012C, IPC-A600H, and IPCII standards.