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Founded in 2008, RONPCB started and keep focusing on manufacturing high level and high precision rigid-flex PCB back in 2008. It covers both fastturn and all feature products. Small and medium lot is available as well. Our products is applied in all kinds of high tech industries, including communication, security protection, medical instrument, aerospace field, military industry, automotive, and computer. ROBPCB is proud of being recognized by customers and peers thanks to solid capabilities, reliable quality and fast delivery.

With the technology of manufacturing 30 layers in hand, we can achieve the following tasks, maximum aspect ratio of 26:1, maximum circuit board thickness of 7.0mm, maximum 7OZ of copper, minimum mechanically drilled hole of 0.10mm, minimum laser drilled hole of 3mil, minimum line/space of 2.0/2.0mil. RONPCB owns HDI technology Class 3 and rich experience in producing high thickness board, high thickness copper board, mixed press board, high frequency board, high TG board, impedance control board, HDI board, and buried capacitance and Buried resistance board.

Basically we can deliver 2 layer boards within 24 hours and 4-9 layer boards within 2-5 days. We strive to deliver high quality PCB, achieve minimum lead time and help our customers launch their products into market as soon as possible. Currently we can deliver more than 100 types daily and up to 14,000 square meters monthly. The multiple layer type reaches as high as 94% of our shipment.

RONPCB has an outstanding engineer team who has rich experience in processing various projects, impedance design and customizing practical design plan. The use of powerful Genesis2000 software, 24hrs tech support, quick quote within 3 hours and customer service who can speak fluent English help us provide better service to customers all over the world.
We strictly implement ISO quality management standard and continuously introduce innovative management principles and business models. Meanwhile we emphasize staffs training and pay a lot of attention to develop their comprehensive abilities. All staffs in RONPCB can give play to their potential to the max due to our KPI assessment and points system. Our company has UL and ISO14001 certification and our products are qualified for IPC – A – 600G Level 2 and meet RoHS requirements.

We invest a lot in introducing advanced equipments from Germany, Israel, UK, and Taiwan and thus excel in the respect of technology. Plus, we have established long term and solid cooperation with many high reputation material suppliers. Thanks to all above, the percent of pass of our products reaches above 93% and the rate of deliver-on-time is above 95%.

We make every effort to achieve our goals, namely bringing up first class staffs, producing first class products, and building first class enterprise. All of these will help make great contribution to the development of electronics business and lay solid foundation for Chinese PCB in international market.

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