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We are a Prototype PCB Manufacturer in Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards. We are capable of manufacturing different PCB products, including HDI, thick copper, rigid-flex and buried capacitance boards.
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As one of the top prototype PCB manufacturer, we can supply rigid-flex PCB and various specially designed boards in a short delivery time and strive to offer our customers high quality products and satisfying service.
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We offer fast response to your quote and other related inquiry. And we make every effort to achieve high quality, fast quote, and short lead time.

Fields Where PCBs are Applicable

Our Culture

  • Strive with quality and develop with speed.
  • The satisfaction of our customers is always the top priority.
  • Make our best to be passionate, happy and caring.

Our Social Responsibility

  • We continuously pay attention to the protection of environment.
  • We insist on sustainable development.
  • We scrupulously abide by any national and international environment protection related convention and requirement.


  • Who we are: Founded in 2008, RONPCB is a leading prototype PCB manufacturer. We started and keep focusing on manufacturing high level and high precision rigid-flex PCB back in 2008.
  • What we can manufacture: With the technology of manufacturing 30 layers in hand, RONPCB also owns HDI technology Class 3.
  • The merits: RONPCB has an outstanding engineer team who has rich experience in processing various projects, impedance design and customizing practical design plan.

Our Mission

  • RONPCB keeps improving manufacturing process and enhancing production capability in order to provide our customers with low cost and high quality PCB products.
  • We are committed to helping more global customers get cost-effective PCB products.
  • We introduce latest technology and management method to improve our manufacturing capability and achieve to be no. 1 prototype PCB manufacturers.

Why Choosing Us?

  • We make every way to achieve high quality, fast quote, and short lead time and try all the best to be world-class prototype PCB manufacturer.
  • We have two dedicated lines to provide non-stop power supply and ensure timely delivery.
  • One-stop service: from PCB design, tech support, sample production, trial production, to volume production.
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